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Hoon shaken by Kelly home

London, July 24: The defence secretary looked a chastened man as he left the home of Dr David Kelly’s widow yesterday.

He had seemed a little apprehensive on arrival. On departure, he appeared shaken.

Geoff Hoon walked from the family’s cottage in Southmoor, Oxfordshire, fiddling nervously with the buttons on his jacket.

He tried to ignore the photographers and managed only a statement of the obvious in answer to shouted questions. “I came to see Mrs Kelly” he said, as he ducked inside his ministerial Vauxhall Omega before being driven away at speed.

His meeting, which started shortly after 2 pm, lasted one hour 17 minutes and neither he, nor the Kelly family, made any comment on what had been discussed. The first indication that Janice Kelly was about to receive a high-profile visitor came yesterday morning when armed metropolitan police officers arrived outside the house and made a hurried reconnaissance of the area.

Additional officers were drafted in to stand guard.

The Omega swept up and on to the pavement. Hoon stepped out without comment and walked to the front door alone. The Omega reversed into the drive to await his departure. Later Hoon walked briskly to his car, which then drove away in the opposite direction from the one from which it had arrived.

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