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Model of madness: How the Calcutta Gateway would have looked
Money, not merit, ticket to medicine class

The appeal made by 29 former teachers of the city’s four under-graduate medical colleges to chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee to do away with the decision to reserve 15 per cent seats for those paying a lumpsum as capitation fee in the medical colleges is valid (Fee-hike protest, City Diary, Metro, June 26). This facility will benefit only students coming from well-to-do classes. Merit will become of secondary consideration.

It is true that most educational institutions in West Bengal are not financially in a sound position. So this step will encourage other institutions to claim donations from admission-seekers in exchange for preference in admission. But this cannot be accepted as a justifiable measure.

There are already provisions for reservation of students belonging to the SC, ST and other classes. If the new system is put into effect, many poor but meritorious students of the unreserved classes will fail to get admission in the medical colleges. So the appeal of the experienced medical teachers, most of whom were departmental heads, needs to be carefully considered. After all, merit and talent alone can produce the best doctors.

Dinabandhu Mukherjee,

Mired in mayor’s fantasies

The mayor’s decision to instal a gate near Science City is ridiculous (Mr Advani, please save us from this Mayorgate, Metro, June 26). This is definitely another attempt by Mamata Banerjee to appease Advani and make it easier for her to get a cabinet berth. On his part, is Advani inclined to start building something now that his complicity in the demolition of the Babri mosque is clear'

Kalyan Ghosh,
Address not given.

The city father has no right to indulge his personal whims at the cost of tax-payers’ money.

Govinda Bakshi,
Budge Budge.

Subrata Mukherjee’s statement that he stumbled upon a huge fund by chance is really funny. What are his accounts officials for' He should have felt happy that he had money for priority work. Does he intend to show Calcuttans their own poverty and potholes through the binoculars placed on the rooftop and that, too, for a price'

Govind Das Dujari,

The city gets flooded by a little rain, roads are pathetic, garbage is heaped at every street corner. And this mayor wants to build a gate!

Diptendu Chakraborty,
Toronto, Canada.

This has reference to the mayor “stumbling upon” Rs 41 crore that he plans to spend on building a grandiose monument. As the report points out, this fund had already been allocated for much-needed work on Central Avenue. What a con act! What a tall tale!

Shyamal Bagchee,
Edmonton, Canada.

I fully agree with the report ‘CM sir, can we do these things instead'’ (Metro, June 26). This Calcutta Gateway is absolutely unnecessary and Rs 20 crore can be better spent. Calcutta boasts of many historic monuments and does not need any more.

Kabita Roy,

Has the mayor not noticed the condition of the city' Will that match the surroundings of his grand monument'

Hara Lal Chakraborty,
Arabinda Nagar.

“We live in deeds and not in years” is what our dear mayor seems to believe in. So he has given birth to the Calcutta Gateway project. If this project takes shape, he will be remembered in the years to come for sure, but in what light is the question.

Arijit D. Rai,
Dum Dum Park.

So this is the latest fantasy of the mayor! He must have been charmed by the similitudes during his Europe tours. But the people there exist with all the basic civic amenities needed for healthy living. Can I hope to see a cleaner Calcutta during my next visit'

Anindya Sen,
Leicester, UK.

The fancies of our politicians have reached Tughlaqian proportions. Why does the mayor not realise that Calcutta Gateway will not be required as the city will be shunned by those who matter, since it has become an epitome of dirt and disease, dread and corruption'

Gautam Mookerjee,
EM Bypass.

Madness must be opposed, in all forms. Meanwhile, this song is for the mayor: “Yeh jo pagla hai, samjhane se samjhe na”.

S.S. Almal,
Address not given.

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