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Wild ways

Berlin, July 21 (Reuters): Germany’s most famous ex-porn star Gina Wild has revealed she is doing a bit on the side in a Frankfurt brothel because she is addicted to sex.

“It’s a secret I’ve carried around with me for a long time — I go to the brothel several times a week. It’s not for the money, it’s to free my soul,” Wild, 32, told Bild newspaper in an interview published today.

Wild, who is married, retired from the porn industry two years ago and wants to move into serious acting and modelling.

“I need the satisfaction the way some other people need food,” she admitted. “I’m addicted to sex.”

She owned up to the moonlighting after a fan recognised her working in a Frankfurt establishment.

Fossil theft

Sydney (Reuters): Thieves broke into a museum near Sydney and snatched the fossil of a 110-million-year-old midget dinosaur on loan from China, officials said on Monday. The skeleton of the parrot-beaked dinosaur, one of only six worldwide, was an evolutionary link between modern-day birds and the “typical Tyrannosaurus-type of huge dinosaur”, said Gavin Fry, director of the Newcastle Regional Museum. “It’s the size of a dog but the skeleton is more like that of a turkey,” he said. Thieves eluded police and guards on Sunday and carried off the skeleton within five minutes of breaking through an armoured window, having first scaled a spiked, eight-feet fence. The theft was probably motivated by impulse. “Apparently there is a market, but in this instance I’d suspect it was more opportunism and bravado than a professional job,” Fry said.

Space dud

Moscow (Reuters): It would have been a match made in heaven, but it was not to be. Technical and legal problems have forced International Space Station commander Yuri Malenchenko to postpone his wedding, in which he would have been separated from his bride by at least 380 km of atmosphere and space. The Russian Space Agency said on Monday the cosmonaut would wait until he returns to earth in October to tie the knot. The cosmonaut had a tailcoat and ring for the wedding, which would have been conducted either by phone or a stand-in taking the place of the groom, but other preparations proved too problematic, Sergei Gorbunov, spokesperson for the Russian Aviation and Space Agency said. “The ISS is not a cottage in a forest... and you can’t get there by plane, only by rocket,” he added.

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