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Teen Poysar Pala

This play, based on Bertolt Brecht’s The Three-Penny Opera, is set in 19th century Calcutta. Soon after the Sepoy Mutiny was quashed in 1857, chaos reigned supreme. A corrupt police force further compounded the problem. Mahindra, a notorious dacoit, flourished during this period. A ruthless manipulator, Mahindra’s nexus with the police was deep-rooted. In fact, with his natural flair for extortion and other nefarious activities, he had transformed dacoity into a viable business. His success as a businessman could be matched only by his contemporary, Jatindra Pal. This man was a professional beggar, who emotionally exploited innocent and gullible commoners to fill his coiffeur. Both were doing brisk ‘business,’ but one wrong move by Mahindra caused a temporary imbalance. Mahindra eloped with Jatindra’s daughter, Parulbala. An enraged Jatindra was quick to react and helped the police track down Mahindra and get him arrested. Mahindra was ordered to be hanged. But men like Mahindra do not die. They live on eternally. They always find ways to deal with tricky situations and come out unscathed. Presented in the form of an opera, this play was originally translated, dramatised, directed and enacted by Ajitesh Bandopadhyay. This Swabak production, based on Bandopadhyay’s script, is directed by Nilima Chakraborty.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Girish Mancha

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