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Naveen Baid

Direct dil se

Is this guy’s passion for the keyboard. And this conviction has carried the 21-year-old all the way from school and college campus to the recording studio.

The land of Korg…

May sound like something out of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it is actually Naveen’s tool of choice. Korg Triton (to be more precise) is what our man, who just appeared for the Part-II exams from Bhawanipur Education Society, used when he shared the stage with Shaan, at the pop star’s Don Bosco Park Circus performance for the benefit of less-fortunate kids.

Calcutta’s most famous songstress…

Owes her beat to this boy, who has been working on the minus-one tracks (soundtracks with the voice removed) for both Usha Uthup and band Dhwani for some time now. Apart from minus-ones and remixes, Naveen is also busy developing his own sound. He is now working on his first album, Dil Ki Tammana, slated for national release early next year. In 2001, he founded the group Spikes, with keyboardist Gopal and vocalist Gayatri, working with vocalist Aneesh John from Don Bosco Park Circus.

Found his muse…

At first, when he was learning under school (St Thomas’ for Boys) music teacher Kevin David, before garnering technical tips from musicians in Tollywood and even a few from Bollywood. The on-the-side stock broker, who thanks his mother for her support in the face of all odds, has shown off his skills in many an arena. From the Lake Land Country Club Boogie Woogie, to Manzil, this year’s District Interact Conference and many other school fests, he went where the melody took him.

Artistic licence…

Is what Naveen calls to his defence, when critics claim all remix genre work is no art at all. Hours of sweat and toil go in behind every single track behind the scenes, he says, to get everything just right.

The Mumbai mayhem…

Will soon see this sure-footed Capricorn joining the fray. To make it as a musician is his dream, but sense prevents this CFA student from cutting off all ties at the exchange. So, too, when he shifts, the sound man will make music his mantra, and keep stocks as his sidekick.

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