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Di lover offers Charles letters

London, July 20: James Hewitt, vilified for trying to sell the love letters that he received from the late Diana, Princess of Wales, for £10 million, yesterday made an extraordinary offer to hand them all over to the Prince of Wales, the man he cuckolded.

The former army officer claimed that he did not want a penny for them from Prince Charles but he expected to be asked for them in a “civilised and respectful way” by the prince. “Were I to be invited by the prince for tea and given the opportunity to discuss this matter in a reasoned way, I would of course be willing to respond,” Hewitt told The Daily Telegraph yesterday. “I might add that so far no one has made any attempt to show me such consideration.”

If Prince Charles is prepared to do this, if only for the sake of his sons, William and Harry, he needs to act quickly. Hewitt said that until such a call came he would continue to entertain offers from private buyers.

The surprising move comes after a week of bruising criticism for Hewitt following The Daily Telegraph’s disclosure last week that his lawyer Michael Coleman would be reading intensely personal extracts from the letters in a Channel 4 documentary, James Hewitt: Confessions of a Cad, which is due to be broadcast on Thursday. This resulted in a succession of tabloid newspaper headlines that branded Hewitt a cad, a rat, a slimeball, a disgrace and a snake.

Hewitt had hoped that the programme would help him to find a buyer for the letters and to redeem his tarnished reputation. But it has turned into a public relations disaster and he is now seeking an injunction to prevent the broadcast because of what he claims are contractual breaches over the arrangements for the reading of the letters. Channel 4 says it will fight any such attempt.

Hewitt agreed to become involved in the documentary after forming a close friendship with a member of the production team but that soured during the six months that the film crew trailed him.

“These people have treated me scandalously,” he said. “They promised me that I would have the opportunity to see the film before it was broadcast and make whatever changes to it I wanted. Needless to say, they have broken their promise. I have been left feeling bloodied and bruised by the whole experience. I just wish someone could just one day present a picture of me that was honest.”

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