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No troops for US, wait for UN
After three months of thought, India today shut the door on America’s request for troops to Iraq, but left a window open saying it would still consider sending them if there was an “explicit mandate” from the UN. ...  | Read.. 
Pakistan hawk on goodwill trip to India
A leader of an Islamic alliance accused of trying to “Talibanise” Pakistan will visit India on Wednesday for a trip he said is aimed at furthering South Asian peace efforts. ...  | Read.. 
Nitish offers to quit, PM declines
Under fire after a spate of rail accidents and slammed by his own partymen for favouritism, railway minister Nitish Kumar today created a flutter by forwarding his resignation from the government to the Prime Minister. ...  | Read.. 
Sunny, not Advani, villain in Lahore
Gadar hero finds no admirers, conscience-keeper Arundhati is a hit
Here’s news for all those who think that deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishna Advani heads the list of people unlikely to be called home for dinner in Pakistan. Just a few day ...  | Read.. 
A US soldier takes position on the roof of a building during a protest in Baghdad by Iraqi soldiers loyal to Saddam Hussein. Around 300 soldiers and officers took part in the standoff on Monday, demanding payment of their first salaries in four months. (AFP)
I always carry my resignation with me

Atal old-age lesson & pension
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today launched a pension policy for senior citizens — Varis ...  | Read..
Telegram and a man in Baghdad
In the run-up to the decisive meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security, two things helped f ...  | Read..
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Cong in Ramazan plea to push back polls
If the Congress has its way, the Assembly elections — scheduled for No ...   | Read.. 
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Congress dethrones CPM
Trading ideology for power, the Congress today dislodged the CPM from ...   | Read.. 
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White House comes out with ‘bunch of bull’
The White House today dismissed as a “bunch of bull” charges that Presiden ...   | Read.. 
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EB pay for late lapse
A momentary lapse of reason in deep defence cost East Bengal their Ase ...   | Read.. 
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Fairs in corner, trees all around
Calcutta has only 0.45 acres of open land for 1,000 residents, against an ...   | Read.. 
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VAT, CAS, MSP, etc.
It seems ages ago, but it is only five years since the Bharatiya Janata Par ...   | Read.. 
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News Corp open offer for Hughes Soft at a discount
Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp today announced a 20 per cent open offer fo ...   | Read.. 
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In an emergency, get under the table
New York City has published a guide to how to cope in an emergency, advisin ...   | Read..