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Bush sees Iraq elephant
One US soldier was shot dead and another was killed in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Iraq, the US military said today, as President George W. Bush acknowledged Washington had a “security issue” here. ...  | Read.. 
Saving Private Lynch: Iraqis helped, Americans blundered
The heroic tale of Jessica Lynch, the teenage US soldier rescued from Iraqi captivity in a televised commando raid, has been largely debunked by an official military inve ...  | Read.. 
Minister quits over Quetta blast
A Pakistani provincial minister has resigned over an attack last week on a Shia mosque in Quetta in which 53 people were killed, saying police were responsible for a lapse in ...  | Read.. 
Separated in death, Bijani twins arrive home
Iranian twins Ladan and Laleh Bijani, joined in life, arrived in their homeland in two coffins today, achieving their dream of separation only in death. ...  | Read.. 
Salma Hayek during the presentation of her directorial debut film, The Maldonado Miracle, at a hotel in Hollywood. The film stars Peter Fonda, ...  | Read
Case for cheese
Don Juan
Job jolt
Renee in 2-film bonanza
Renee Zellweger, who received an Oscar nomination for her r ...  | Read.. 
Pak as safe as London: Star
Movie comic turned adventure traveller Michael Palin wound up a visit to rugged northern Pakistan t..  | Read.. 
Early curtains for France fest
The final curtain fell early on France’s world-renowned Avi ...  | Read.. 

Nepal in dilemma as rebels set up informal talks
An informal meeting between Maoist leaders and governme ...  | Read..