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Jolie comes clean on marital bliss & blow
- ‘We became very different people’

Saying she felt transformed by adoptive motherhood, actress Angelina Jolie discussed her history of self-mutilation, bisexuality and the aftermath of a broken marriage in a televised interview set to air on Friday.

Jolie, 28, spoke at length about marital bliss and discord with her former husband, actor Billy Bob Thornton, telling Barbara Walters of ABC News, “I thought he was amazing. And now I just feel like I don’t know him.” Excerpts of the interview, taped for the ABC show 20/20, were released by the network on Tuesday.

Jolie’s brief but passionate marriage to Thornton collapsed last year, months after she had adopted a Cambodian-born baby boy. The couple officially divorced in May. For the two years before their separation, the pair reigned among Hollywood’s hottest couples, drawing attention for their unusual displays of devotion. They sported tattoos of each other’s names, wore pendants containing each other's blood, and she even reportedly purchased his-and-hers cemetery plots.

Since their breakup, however, the Oscar-winning actress said she and Thornton do not speak.

“We’re not friends, no. It’s like we just changed. We became very different people, and I wouldn’t know what to talk to him about,” she said, adding she had had a “Billy Bob” tattoo lasered off her arm. Jolie said she also remains estranged from her father, actor Jon Voight, despite a brief rapprochement during their work together on the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. “It was a hello and goodbye. And that was kind of that time for us.”

Jolie said she had not dated since splitting up with Thornton and declared: “I think I’ll never get married again. ... I don’t want to have a temporary father for my son.”

Still, Jolie said she considers herself a “very sexual person” and acknowledged a past affair with a woman, saying she was “surprised when I suddenly found myself having these feelings I always had for men, but for a woman, and wanting to kiss her and wanting to touch her ...”

She also spoke of the darker side of her past, including an early ambition to work in the funeral business, her youthful fascination with knives and her teenage penchant for cutting herself, once during a sexual encounter.

“I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other ... it felt so primitive and it felt so honest ... and then I had to deal with, you know, not telling my mother, hiding things, wearing gauze bandages to high school,” she said.

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