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Ryder role

Los Angeles, July 8 (AFP): US actress Winona Ryder is set to return to the screen in a new Milos Forman film opposite Sean Connery, her first role since her conviction for shoplifting last year, the industry press said Tuesday.

Ryder, 31, will star in acclaimed director Forman’s latest project, Embers, an adaptation of a 1942 novel by Hungarian author Sandor Marai, which begins filing in Prague in October, Daily Variety said.

The film, which will also star Klaus Maria Brandauer, is the first celluloid version of the work which is considered a lost masterpiece in literary circles. The film is Ryder’s first since she was found guilty of stealing more than $5,500 of designer goods from a department store after a sensational trial in Los Angeles.

Cool cognac

Moscow (AFP): Cognac fashioned for astronauts will be the drink of choice for Gilles Elkaim on his voyage to the Arctic, the French explorer said in Moscow on Monday. “This cognac can be drunk in weightlessness,” Elkaim explained in Russian, displaying the drink in a test tube for the reporters’ inspection. The cognac, produced by Remy Martin and dubbed Remy Space, is packed in a thermal-protected container equipped with a straw and a reducing agent that allows the cognac to be drunk in weightlessness, Alain Fournier-Sicre of the European Space Agency explained. Elkaim, who had been travelling alone across the Arctic since May 2000, has already covered some 10,000 km in a kayak and a sleigh, a voyage that he confessed lacked only two things — “good Bordeaux wine and French cheese.”

Lucky drive

Copenhagen (AFP): Police who stopped an elderly Danish man for a routine traffic check were astounded to find he had been driving all his life without a licence, media reports said on Tuesday. The man, aged 74, had driven for 55 years without a single accident, and had never either passed a driving test or held a licence. “I have no licence, and I have never had one since I began driving at the age of 19,” the man said.

Cat Holmes

Moscow (Reuters): Move over bomb-sniffing dogs, here comes Rusik, the fish-sniffing cat! Russian police battling fish smugglers have deployed a cat to sniff out contraband, including Caspian Sea sturgeon which produce Russia’s world famous caviar. A police control post in the southern Stavropol region adopted Rusikand it now helps officers conduct spot checks on vehicles, the Itar-Tass news agency said.

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