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Di to be recast as comic hero

New York, July 8 (Reuters): Britain’s Princess Diana will be reincarnated as a mutant comic book superhero this autumn, according to publisher Marvel Comics.

The character will appear in a five-series storyline called Di Another Day in Marvel’s X-Statix monthly comic, a spinoff from its popular X-Men, Marvel spokesperson Brian Reinert said yesterday.

The first of the comic books will go on sale on September 10.

Di appears as one of the team of super-powered mutants in a satirical look at fame and pop culture, Reinert said.

“They’re more concerned about their bank accounts than saving people from injuries and saving the world,” he said.

X-Statix writer Peter Milligan said the late princess was “tailor-made” for the series because she is “someone famous for being famous.”

“At a glance, Diana may not resemble the flying, teleporting, lethally oscillating characters that populate my comic, but the strange power she exerts from beyond the grave certainly makes her a valid subject to explore,” Milligan said in a statement issued by Marvel. “And, of course, she looks great in Spandex!”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson has called the idea “utterly appalling” and a “cheap attempt to cash in on Diana’s fame and the tragic circumstances surrounding her death”.

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