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Wives on top

Sonkajarvi (Finland), July 6 (Reuters): Tongue firmly in cheek and woman securely on shoulder, Estonia’s wife carriers crushed all competition, winning the world championship for a sixth straight year. The bizarre event, in which a man carries a woman over a 250 metre obstacle course, is rooted in a local legend about a wife-stealing gang. Revived as a contest 11 years ago, it now draws contestants from all around the world. The winners, Margo Uusorg, 23, and Egle Soll, 21, romped home in just over one minute. Soll was also carrying 4.5 kg of sand to bring her up to the regulation minimum weight. The prize' Her body weight in beer; almost 45 litres of ale. Estonians — who also came second while third place went to a Danish couple — have forged a fierce reputation in the contest and many fear being drawn against them. Their prize winning tactic is the highly effective “Estonian Carry” — where the woman squeezes her thighs on the sides of the man’s face while hanging upside down on his back.

Flight feat

London, (Reuters): Millionaire businessman Richard Branson fleetingly re-enacted the first manned flight in a fixed-wing aircraft when he took to the air in a replica of Sir George Cayley’s historic 1853 glider. “Brilliant. We’ve done it, we’ve done it,” Branson said after getting airborne for the very briefest of flights in his replica glider. The British entrepreneur, also a keen balloonist, sported a 19th century braid-trimmed coat and lace cravat for the flight in the same field that Cayley’s glider took off in — at Brompton Dale near Scarborough in the northern English county of Yorkshire.

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