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Sachin defends using heavy bat

Chennai, July 5 (PTI): Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Steve Waugh came out in support of a longer tenure for coaches, physios and trainers, saying it was required for better on-field results.

The three greats, here in connection with the MRF national go-karting championship, agreed that the coach, physio and trainer were an integral part of the team and fully involved in the success or failure.

Responding first to a question, Tendulkar said: “The coach, physio and trainer are all part and parcel of the team. Cricket is a team game and the team’s success reflects on the players as well as this trio’s performance. Therefore, they have to be given a longer tenure for better results.”

West Indies skipper Lara said the three were an integral part of a team and required three or four-year contract, while Australian Test captain Steve Waugh favoured a minimum of two to three years.

On the subject of heavy bats Tendulkar, who uses one such, said: “It should be left to the individual. It might take a fraction of a second more to go for a shot, but if the batsman is comfortable and relaxed, there is no harm in using one.

Asked whether the use of a bat autographed by Tendulkar during the World Cup brought him luck, Lara said: “I had told Sachin that I am joining MRF. He had only an extra sticker and that is how I used the bat with his autograph.”

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