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Hospital adds arrest to injury

Burdwan, July 5: A patient hurt her head after she was pushed by a hospital attendant, and her sons were arrested for protesting against the assault.

The two sons and a nephew of 55-year-old Kanak Datta, who was brought to the outpatient department of the medical college hospital here, were arrested on a complaint filed by the attendant, Gauri Das.

Rina Roy, a relative of another patient, was also arrested because police mistook her for Kanak’s daughter.

Tension prevailed on the hospital premises following the altercation between the patients’ relatives and the outdoor staff.

“We had come all the way from Bishnupur in Bankura district with my mother, who has been suffering from urinary problems for the past four years. At the outdoor, she wanted to go to the bathroom and my sister was escorting her. My mother could not control herself and urinated outside the bathroom door. A hospital staff started abusing her. My sister apologised saying that she would clean up the floor when Gauri Das rushed at my mother and pushed her. Her head hit the door and she has developed a swelling,” said Tarak, one of the arrested sons, at the police station.

Eyewitnesses said that after the incident, the woman’s sons and nephew surrounded Gauri and a scuffle ensued as they wanted to take the attendant to the superintendent and complain against her behaviour.

“Other hospital staff and attendants soon gathered at the spot and managed to free Gauri Das from the clutches of the four even as the ailing woman lay on the floor after sustaining an injury on her head,” said Shyamali Das, an eyewitness.

Soon after the incident, Gauri and her colleagues submitted a written complaint to the hospital superintendent, who informed the police. “We got a complaint from the hospital superintendent and based on that, we arrested Tarak Dutta, Rabi Dutta, Shyamal Dutta and Rina Roy on charges of molestation and beating Gauri Das,” said an officer of Burdwan police station.

Rina, who hails from Memari, said she was waiting at the outdoor with her sister who was ill.

“I saw the entire episode in front of my eyes. I saw Gauri Das banging the ailing woman’s head on the bathroom door, her sons protesting vehemently. Suddenly, the police came and took me away saying that I was the daughter,” Rina said at the police station.

No action has been initiated against Gauri.

“We could not find our sister in the confusion, but we hope our mother is back home safe. We have filed a counter complaint with the police against the hospital staff’s assault on our mother and the manner in which they prevented us from taking up the matter with the superintendent,” Rabi said.

Hospital superintendent Sarit Chowdhury said he had received a complaint from Gauri.

“I forwarded the complaint to the police and they are investigating the case. I cannot comment further at this moment,” Chowdhury said.

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