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Student unconscious after caning
- Class VIII girl in emergency ward, family lodges FIR against teacher

Burdwan, July 5: The parents of a Class VIII student have lodged a complaint with police against a teacher, who allegedly beat up their daughter for a misdemeanour in class yesterday morning.

Jhuma Chowdhury had to be admitted to Burdwan Medical College Hospital when she fell unconscious allegedly after being caned by Brajanath Ghosh, a physical science teacher at Khwaja Anwar Berh High School.

Jhuma’s classmate Munmun Samaddar, who was also beaten up, is recovering from her wounds at her uncle’s house.

Jhuma’s father Swapan Chowdhury filed the complaint when his daughter came to her senses and told him about the incident. “Initially, the hospital authorities were told that Jhuma was injured after she fell down the school staircase,” Chowdhury said.

Jhuma has injuries on her head and deep welts on her arms and legs.

“I and another girl were tugging at a pen in class when Sir began shouting at us and then started caning me and Munmun. He often beats us. I cannot move my legs and my arms as they are paining,” Jhuma said from her hospital bed.

“Jhuma was trying to pull a pen from the hands of the girl sitting next to her when Sir began beating and abusing her. The rest of us had our eyes lowered in fear. I looked up and stared right into Sir’s eyes. He shouted at me, asking why I had dared to look up, and began beating me, too. I lost consciousness and do not remember what happened after that,” said Munmun.

A local doctor, who tended to Munmun’s wounds, wrote in his prescription: “Multiple trauma to left arm and back, beaten by somebody.”

“It was in the afternoon that my wife Minati heard from two of Jhuma’s classmates that she had fainted in school and had to be taken to hospital. She contacted me and both of us went to the hospital to see our daughter lying unconscious in the emergency ward. When she came to her senses, she told us what had actually happened and I filed an FIR at the police station,” Chowdhury said.

The school authorities, however, are trying to cover up the incident.

“I was not present in school yesterday. Whatever happened has happened. If something is written about this, our school will lose its reputation and parents might take away their children. Why don’t the parents of the girls have a mutual settlement with us'” head teacher Gourmohan Adhikary said.

A Burdwan police official said an investigation has been launched and Jhuma’s statement has been recorded.

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