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ĎThe netas donít care, it is nature that takes care of all of thisí
Maidan old boysí club member, about the garbage on the greens

Old men and the greens
The rainbow misses St Paulís Cathedral by inches. The cotton-ball clouds part, allowing the fast disappearing July sun to bathe the domes of the Victoria Memorial, moistened by an afternoon shower, in its yellow glow. The monsoon does have its moment...  | Read.. 
Tax slashed for colony plots
The Trinamul Congress-BJP board in the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) has decided to slash the valuation of landed prop...  | Read.. 
Non-CPM solidarity for health battle
The largest all-Bengal body of doctors, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), is caught in a political battle in which all no...  | Read.. 
Pay a price for your plot
Urban owners brought under land levy umbrella

The cash-strapped Left Front government has decided to dip its hands into the citizenís pocket to shore up resources, bringin ...  | Read.. 
MAIDAN MUSINGS: A devoted band of evening-walkers, most of them well into their 70s, treads the paved walkway off Victoria Memorial. Picture by Pabitra Das
Hello, it's Saturday, July 05, 2003
What to do this weekend
Netaji films
Korean dolls
his wife and Shefalika. The battle of the sexes r...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Dipankar De, actor.You are calm, even in adversity. You add an exciting touch to the dullest of thin ...Read.. 
City Lights
Taste trail, sweet íní sour ...  | Read.. 
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Technical snag hits Metro services
ER appeal on Rajdhani time
Found dead
Man run over
Hurt in misfire
Scribes harassed
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Way Back Home
We shall overcome...
What my heart wants to say
The Faber Book of Exploration
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