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Among the many dancers who have sought to break barriers in performing arts to create new dance idioms, Daksha Seth holds a very special place. She, along with her daughter, Isha Sharvani, and a group of talented dancers have created some breath-taking choreographies. Thanks to Anamika Kala Sangam, Calcutta, audience will get an opportunity to witness Sethís choreography. This evening, she and her troupe will present Sarpagati, a powerful dance-theatre work that has become a landmark in contemporary Indian arts. Inspired by the significance of snake-worship in Indian culture, Sarpagati draws upon rituals that symbolise wealth, fertility and power. Sarpagati is the manifestation of a serpentís movements and refers to the energy within man that drives him to action. The snake also becomes a potent symbol of the union between opposites ó the active female energy and the dormant male principles. For this production, Seth has evolved a new format and style, and has used ropes extensively as props. Dancers enact and communicate varied emotions, from the erotic to the sensual to the spiritual and transcendental effortlessly.

When: Today at 7 pm

Where: Kala Mandir

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