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Veron reveals a violent Sir Alex

London: Manchester United midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron says manager Alex Ferguson often throws plastic bottles around the dressing-room when he loses his temper with the players.

“Bottles are thrown in the dressing-room,” the Argentine international told Daily Mirror.

“One time I had to dodge one which flew very close to my head.

“Ferguson doesn’t do it intentionally, he’s not looking to hit anybody in particular, but he throws them.

“Sometimes he’s more withdrawn, then he gets close to you to speak to you and when he has to throw a bottle he does. He loses his cool.

“But I don’t mind. He corrects things and it doesn’t bother me at all. He’s very respected at the club.”

Ferguson inflicted a cut to David Beckham’s left eyebrow when he kicked a football boot in the dressing-room after an FA Cup fifth-round defeat by Arsenal at Old Trafford in February.

United sold England captain Beckham to Real Madrid for £25 million last month.

Ferguson, 61, who has been in charge at Old Trafford since 1986, is also known by many players for his “hairdryer treatment”.

Mark Hughes, former United striker and now Wales manager, said: “He would stand nose-to-nose with you and just shout and bawl, and you would end up with your hair behind your head.”

Meanwhile, Eric Cantona has not ruled out a “revolutionary” return to soccer, but only to coach a big team like Manchester United, the club that turned him into a star.

“It will be a team like Manchester (United),” he said in an interview to be published on Wednesday.

“Obviously, it would be revolutionary, even though I can mess up big time,” he said.

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