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Guns to guard customer cash

Usha Dwarkani,
Rabindra Nagar.

Security of a bank should be the responsibility of both the bank and the police. The government should take measures to secure public wealth. Plainclothes policemen can help out the banks.


It is the responsibility of the police to protect the property of citizens. The money the bank accounts hold belongs to the common people.

Naren Sen,

The banks should shoulder total responsibility of the security and deploy guards on the premises.

Kamalika Nandy,

It is not possible for the police to look after all the banks. So in order to be sure about the bank’s security, it is the duty of the bank alone to take prompt and active decisions. Otherwise the police are helpless.

Sandhya Banerjee,
Salt Lake.

A bank should appoint security guards for its own safety. Usually there is no check or interrogation of persons entering a bank. Though security guards with loaded guns are stationed at the main entrance, they are not trained to resist miscreants. The state government has a thousand and one problems and cannot be expected to shoulder such responsibilities.

P. Pramanik,

It is the prime responsibility of banks to ensure the security of their valuables as custodians of public money and property. They have to pay a huge compensation for the valuables kept in bank vaults by the public if they are robbed. No doubt the police have also got certain responsibilities in maintenance of law and order. The two should jointly undertake responsibility and not trade charges.

Supratim Nandan,

Responsibility for security at a bank should be with the bank inside and the police outside. Apart from the guards, the other staff should also be alert.

Indraneel Mukherjee,

A bank deals in crores on a regular basis. It should be able to finance and effectively provide its own security. Also, since a bank is the most aware of its financial transactions, it can be the best judge of its susceptibility to robbery at any point of time. For instance, banks whose financial deals exceed the seven-figure mark on a regular basis can employ plainclothed securitymen to keep a hawk’s eye on people entering and leaving the bank apart from the usual guards at the door. Needless to say, cost for hi-tech alarm bells and other equipment, which are now considered an integral part of the security system, has to be borne by the bank.

g said that, one must not forget that since the police are in overall charge of law and order, it is of utmost importance that every bank maintain close contact with them. A police van should be posted near every bank. Care must be taken to ensure that all these systems are upgraded regularly.

Arunava Bose Chowdhury,

Considering the number of banks and the paucity of police personnel, the responsibility for bank security should not be left to the police force. The bank authorities should try to find out ways of making the existing security system more foolproof. All branches should be linked to the local police stations and close-circuit cameras installed. The number of security personnel has to be in proportion to the amount that the bank deals in and the guards should be provided with modern weapons.

Dinabandhu Mukherjee,

The security of a bank is primarily the responsibility of the bank itself. The police may keep a watch during regular patrolling of the area. But it should not be the police’s headache to make security arrangements for the banks. If need be, the police may suggest various measures that should be implemented by the banks to make their security arrangements more scientific. The main task of the police is to maintain law and order and not act as durwans of the banks.

Piyal Mukherjee,
Lake Town.

Banks deal in cash. It has been revealed during investigations that some banks do not observe security norms. In the wake of the recent spate of dacoities in Calcutta and the surrounding areas, security guidelines should be observed strictly so that chances of dacoities may be reduced to the minimum. The primary responsibility of security should be the bank’s. As the police are the law-enforcing authorities, they can help out in case the bank is in distress.

Chandan Ray,

For decades, security at banks have not been beefed up while dacoits are arming themselves with sophisticated weapons. It is high time that armed guards are posted in front of all banks like at the British or American consulates. Even multinationals have armed guards in front of their offices. Bank authorities must form a security cell in collaboration with the state armed police to keep vigil during banking hours.

Debashish Chakraborty,
Nilmoni Mitra Row.

Security at a bank is the police’s responsibility as the bank employees are busy dealing with customers. But the management should ensure tight security at the banks for the safety of the customers.

Debu Paul,
Behala Chowrasta.

The security of the bank is primarily the responsibility of the bank authorities but in no way can the police shrug off their responsibility in protecting public property. Therefore, the bank and the law-keeping forces are equally responsible for warding off dacoits.

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