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A window to post-modernist world

“During the heydays of high-Modernist exclusivism and essentialism, it was inconceivable even in ‘pre-modern’ India to find such a wide variety of visual polyglotism as we come across in any exhibition traditional art today. Although it is not post-Modernism per se that is responsible for the myriad of deviations from the thrust towards a universalistic standard contained in high-Modernism of yesteryears, the post-modernist ethos, at least, has made polyvalence in arts acceptable. Even in a small anthological exposition of works of talented painters of an age-group of one city, namely Calcutta, a curator has to face the predicament of choosing painters whose conceptions and objectifications have very little in common, like the present one at Gandhara Gallery,” comments noted art critic Pranabranjan Ray. The exposition features the works of four artists — Chhatrapati Dutta, Samit Dey, Samindranath Mazumdar and Rajarshi Biswas. The US Consul Genreal’s wife, Lee-Alison Sibley, will inaugurate the exhibition this evening at 6.

When: July 2 - 8; 11 am - 7.30 pm

Where: Gandhara Art Gallery, Palm Springs, Flat 5 A,1B Gurusaday Road

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