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This is the story of little Chhimi. Born in a small village, Chhimi lost her mother in her infancy. Since then, her father was her universe. But her little world came crumbling down suddenly when her father remarried. Thrown into an all-engulfing darkness, Chhimi gradually developed psychological problems that manifested in kleptomania. Meanwhile, as she grew up, she became the target of pervert villagers waiting to pounce upon her. A petrified Chhimi ran away to a nearby city. But there, too, greedy prying eyes tried to drag her into the vortex of crime and lust. Once again, a persecuted Chhimi took to her heels and finally came back to her native village. But the scenario had undergone sea-change in her absence. A shocked Chhimi now witnessed her father working for a local criminal. Her step-mother was the concubine of an underworld don. She suddenly realised she was a misfit everywhere. Or was it the other way round' As an individual she felt society an obsolete unwanted leviathan, trying to throttle her. This Udaharan production is written and directed by Naren Bhattacharya.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Rabindra Sadan

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