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BBC war of words with Blair aide intensifies

London, June 28 (Reuters): A war of words between the British government and the BBC over Iraq gained momentum today after the Prime Minister’s press chief appeared on a rival television channel to renew his demand for an apology.

Alastair Campbell accused the BBC of “weasel words” and once again asked it to apologise for claims the government had exaggerated the case for war on Iraq. “Let them accept for once that they have got it wrong,” he told Channel 4 news.

“The BBC should acknowledge they have made a mistake and then should apologise to the government.”

The row between the two sides erupted earlier this week after the BBC, citing an intelligence source, accused Campbell of “sexing up” a September dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, the government’s main justification for war. Campbell denied the accusations and demanded an immediate apology, but the broadcaster is standing by its story.

The press supremo appeared on Channel 4 news yesterday after receiving a letter from the BBC’s news chief accusing him of waging a “personal vendetta”.

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