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America fast taking Saddam’s place
Grenade attacks killed an Iraqi and wounded two Americans on the outskirts of Baghdad today as even Iraqis who loathed Saddam Hussein said they were seething against the US-led occupation. ...  | Read.. 
UK cleric had al Qaida links
A radical Muslim cleric in London who applauded the September 11 attacks had been in communication with top al Qaida officials since before the attack, according to US govern ...  | Read.. 
Mom arrest kills baby
A three-year-old girl starved to death in China after police arrested her mother and left her locked at home with no food for 18 days, state press reported today. ...  | Read.. 
BAT not to pull out of Myanmar
British American Tobacco (BAT) today insisted it would keep doing business with Myanmar unless ordered to stop, despite Prime Minister Tony Blair saying it was wrong for Bri ...  | Read.. 
shania salute: Shania Twain salutes with members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after unveiling her star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto. (R ...  | Read
Peeping tech
Colour clash
Loot for sale
Thatcher husband is dead
Sir Denis Thatcher, husband of “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher, died today after a life lampooned as ..  | Read.. 
Ethics debate brews over designer babies
Success rates of fertility treatments are set to rise thanks to a screening technique which allows ..  | Read.. 
Antibody’s ability to resist AIDS virus found
Researchers said today they had figured out how a rare anti ...  | Read.. 

Pak radicals target women
Islamists who head the council running Pakistan’s largest c ...  | Read.. 

Iran student leader held
An Iranian student leader, Abdollah Momeni, was seized in T ...  | Read.. 

Crack down on online song swaps
A recording-industry trade group said yesterday it plans to ...  | Read.. 

BBC challenge
The British government, locked in a battle with the BBC ove ...  | Read..