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Bank on your own guards

Seraj Alam,

The first responsibility should be that of the police. Then the onus falls on the bank itself. There is a need for mutual cooperation.

Rahul Dwarkani,
Rabindra Nagar.

Recently, a spurt in bank robberies has become an acute problem. It is the duty of the government to deploy policemen at required spots near a bank, as a preventive measure.

Bhanu Dwarkani,
Rabindra Nagar.

The bank and the police are equally responsible for the security of a bank. The recent spurt in robberies in banks shows the imperative need for improved security. This situation should be dealt with immediately, and with severe remedial measures. Deployment of plainclothes policemen at required areas might be adopted as a concrete measure.

Prantik Sanyal,
SP Mukherjee Road.

There should be police posted in every bank to maintain security. It is the duty of the police to look after the safety of the people. Also, the bank must engage armed guards, one at the entrance and the other at a vantage point inside the bank. If there is an increase in police patrols near banks, then there is sure to be a decrease in the number of robberies taking place.

Abhishake Rohatgi,

Gol Park.

Every bank should have its own security measures. People consider banks safer than their own homes, which is why they deposit their valuables and savings with there. Hence, banks have a social responsibility to maintain that security. The police have a greater responsibility — that of maintaining law and order. Therefore, security of banks shouldn’t be their sole responsibility. Every bank should have armed guards. After two major robberies recently, it’s high time that banks revamp their security measures.

Sandipan Dutta,

The security of a bank should be the responsibility of both the bank and the government, that is the police. The bank itself should arrange for its security, since it is a financial institution. On the other hand, the government and the police, too, should not ignore their duty of providing protection to citizens.

Rounak Paul,

Both the bank and police are equally responsible for the security of a bank. To check the recent spate of bank robberies, some measures should be put in place by both the banks and the police. A bank should get police protection from the nearest police station, which is necessary for the safety of customers and bank employees. The banks, too, need to enforce certain precautions.

Samudra Bose,

Considering the growing number of bank dacoities, the police have a huge responsibility to protect people’s personal property. However, every bank needs to employ young security guards and ex-military personnel for better security.

Virendra Shah,
Amratalla Lane.

As more and more daring dacoities are being committed in banks, it should be primarily the bank’s responsibility. Police cannot be expected to guard so many banks. But this does not absolve the police of their duty. Although most banks employ security guards, they are not very alert. Even the employees are often not aware of the seriousness of their job. Such robberies smell strongly of insider help.

Samir Chandra Saha,

It is primarily the bank’s duty to ensure safety and security, since it is the mainstay of the services offered by them. Armed guards and burglar alarms are measures usually taken as precautions. In spite of such efforts, there remain loopholes, which are being plugged by using police help, which is meagre at the moment. But it is the public who must be vigilant. So, the people’s help should be enlisted in addition to bank and police precautions.

Bhupen Bose,
Dum Dum Park.

With growing population and increase in dacoities, it is advisable to safeguard a bank’s security. Multi-storeyed buildings, big departmental stores, private organisations and even renowned schools have their security staff. Banks should take the responsibility of their own security. However, incidents of crime should be reported to the police for the culprits to be arrested.

Shyamal Dey,

Banks deal with public finance. It is a vital place which should be secure. The bank itself should take the primary responsibility for its own security. Second, the police should take responsibility for security and protection of government money handled by banks since the police cannot ignore its duty and responsibility in regards to protection and security of government property and organisations.

Subhasish Majumdar,

A strict vigil is always required where transactions take place in liquid cash. That does not mean that police are entirely responsible for the security of banks. City banks recruit security guards as per the requirement. Expenses are incurred for their training and their salary comes from the allocated budget. But rural banks have hardly any security personnel. Even if there are any, they are neither adequate in number, nor do they have sophisticated weapons. It is better to decentralise security in respect of the banks rather than the traditional system of imposing the entire responsibility on the police.

Prasanta Kumar Ghosh,

The management of the banks owe a moral responsibility to their clients to protect their hard-earned money. Each bank should appoint security personnel. They should also work in tandem with the local police to nab dacoits.

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