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Drains ready for the rains

RAJIB DEB, Trinamul Congress councillor of Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) ward no. 68 and mayoral council member (conservancy), met readers of The Telegraph at 20, Priyonath Mullick Road, to answer their queries. Participants included Kanan Banerjee, Ranjit Kumar Dutta, Samir Ganguly, Achintya Sen, Subhas Ghosh, Sudarshan Roy, Nemai Das, Bapi Mitra, Bimal Das, Joydeb Roychowdhury and Goutam Hari Chatterjee

Samir Ganguly: The monsoon has set in and we are worried. Last year, we had to suffer waterlogging. Will there be a repeat this year'

Waterlogging is not a new phenomenon. Earlier, the drainage department would function only for three months in a year. But the picture has changed. Now, stress is laid on work and already, the situation in Mandeville Gardens, Ballygunge Place and the surrounding areas have improved.

Goutam Hari Chatterjee: I am the councillor of ward no. 72. Here, polybags have clogged the sewer lines. Even a slight shower results in waterlogging.

Actually, there are certain issues that need an awareness drive. Yourís is one such problem. A number of projects need to be taken up, including distribution of leaflets, putting up billboards at vital junctions and other mass campaigns to create civic awareness. I shall take up the issue in the coming monthly meeting of the CMC.

Kanan Banerjee: Garbage is rarely cleared on Priyonath Mullick Road.

I have taken the charge of conservancy just recently. I shall have to sit with the chief engineer and other officials of my department to find solutions.

Kanan Banerjee: We suffer a crisis of drinking water and have to fetch buckets of water from distant places.

In your area, the pressure of water is not satisfactory. You must be aware that a scarcity can be caused by various reasons, like a leak in pipes or clogged ferrules. I shall talk to the chief engineer of water supply to see if the pressure can be increased.

Ranjit Kumar Dutta: A section of conservancy workers are keener on working privately than in their official capacity.

That is a gross violation of rules. If a section of conservancy workers is working privately while neglecting its public duty, I will see to it that this practice is stopped at the earliest.

Ranjit Kumar Dutta: The Calcutta Municipal Corporation has installed roadside taps for those who cannot afford individual connections. In most cases, however, the water is wasted. On the other hand, people with individual connections are deprived of proper supply. How can this waste be checked'

I will have to look into that. Sometimes, individual connections are deprived of water because of a defect in the level of supply. If the supply height exceeds the reservoir height, then supply will be disrupted.

Samir Ganguly: I live on Fern Road. Here, the sweepers have divided the road into two zones for their convenience. As a result, the road is rarely cleaned.

That problem will have to be looked into. We do suffer from a shortage of staff. Some casual labourers will be recruited soon and then, I hope, there should be no problem.

Achintya Sen: Residents of Ashutosh Mukherjee Road donít get enough drinking water.

I advise you to hold your patience till the Kalighat boosting station is commissioned. There will be an abundance of drinking water after that.

Achintya Sen: A vat on Ashutosh Mukherjee Road is forever overflowing, and doubles as a public urinal.

Let me take up my new assignment. I shall talk to my officers so that lorries collect the garbage regularly and no further nuisance is caused.

Subhas Ghosh: Residents of Beltala highrises simply toss their garbage out of their windows. How do we stop this'

That is distressing to know. We will take several steps to check the menace, including a sustained campaign and later, imposition of fines on the offending flat-owners.

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