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Apocalypse Now music fires up US troops
US troops psyched up on Wagner crashed into Iraqi homes to hunt for gunmen today, as Shias rallied against the US occupation of Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Orwell gave foreign office list of Left sympathisers
British Left-wing writer George Orwell in 1949 gave the government a list of 38 suspected or actual Communist sympathisers, including comedian Charlie Chaplin, The Guardia ...  | Read.. 
Iran relents, to work with inspectors
Iran backed away from confrontation over its nuclear programme today, saying it was ready to cooperate more actively with UN inspectors to dispel doubts about the Islamic rep ...  | Read.. 
US bounty hunter remanded to custody
Mexican authorities yesterday remanded an American bounty-hunter into custody for abduction after he briefly captured Andrew Luster, a convicted rapist and heir to the Max Fa ...  | Read.. 
Prince William plays the marimba as the Shakarimba band from Botswana rehearse at Windsor Castle ahead of Williamís 21st birthday party. (AP)
Potter weaves magic across globe
Last night was the shortest night of the year but the hours up to midnight, when the latest Har..  | Read.. 
Jolie to star as Catherine the Great
Actress Angelina Jolie, who will next be seen reprising her role as gun-toting adventure queen Lara..  | Read..