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A very angry Potter falls in love

London, June 20 (Reuters): Harry Potter gets very angry in Book Five of the wizard saga but, as the hormones kick in, he does at least have “a relationship of sorts”, author J.K. Rowling has revealed.

For fans desperate to know what happens next to the teenage wizard, Rowling offered some tantalising teasers on the eve of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix being published around the globe.

Rowling, now said to be wealthier than Queen Elizabeth, said today that she felt guilty about being so rich and finds fame a heavy burden to bear, especially when it intrudes on the privacy of her family.

But she assured her fans she will complete all seven of the planned Potter books — she has started writing Book Six and the final chapter of Book Seven is already written.

Speaking to the London Times about the adventures of the orphaned wizard, she said that in the latest book “Harry is very angry. Very angry. And he’s angry for most of the book”.

“This time Harry really for the first time does have a relationship of sorts. The emphasis is very much on the ‘of sorts’. That was really fun to write,” she said. “He is very confused in a boy way. He doesn’t understand how girls’ minds work.”

In a television interview with BBC Newsnight, Rowling, 37, said of Harry’s hair-raising adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: “Harry goes through hell every time he returns to school. So I think that a bit of snogging (kissing) would alleviate matters.”

Rowling’s fame — selling almost 200 million copies in 55 languages and 200 countries — has come at a price, with newspapers eager for any snippet of information. “I didn’t think they’d rake through my bins,” Rowling said. “I didn’t expect to be photographed on the beach through long lenses. I never dreamt it would impact my daughter’s life negatively, which at times it has.”

She also confessed to mixed emotions about being so rich. “I do feel guilty about it. Definitely I feel guilty.”

And she even teasingly suggested a dramatic end for Harry. Asked by Newsnight what would happen to him as an adult, she said: “How do you know he will still be alive'”

Speaking to the Daily Express, Rowling revealed that at first she refused permission for Warner Bros to film the books and it took a year for her to change her mind. “I didn’t want anyone to make Harry Potter Goes To Las Vegas or Harry Potter Gets Married or — I don’t know — Harry Potter Goes To The Moon. Any of these would have been disastrous for me.”

The first two Potter movies have grossed $1.8 billion worldwide and she is thrilled with the look of the films:“I was a happy woman. They have been very generous in letting me have my say.” (Reporting by Paul Majendie, editing by Steve Addison; Reuters Messaging

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