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‘The inquiry is underway to determine why the web pages did not open several hours after the results were formally announced’
Kanti Biswas, school education minister

Civic sense, citizen sensibilities
Does the blame for our squalid streets lie with us or our city fathers' Metro asks some Calcuttans, and the conservancy boss...  | Read.. 
Fashion address on the wild side
Designer clothes, body piercing, tattoos and mocktails… For now. Pub F is all set to bring the fun ’n’ freaky to fashion, at ...  | Read.. 
Airport cargo strike continues
Export from Calcutta airport has come to a standstill for the past two days following an agitation by the cargo agents associ...  | Read.. 
Cat caught in court thrashed
A stray cat, that made its way into a Calcutta High Court room on Thursday afternoon, found anything but justice....  | Read.. 
Magic rush in Muggle-land
10 pm, Friday: Six guards swoop down on a consignment from Delhi at Calcutta airport. Secure trucks scatter to three locations across th ...  | Read.. 
A trash bin installed on Beadon Street two weeks ago doubles as a letter box. On the second day after it was set up, the civic employees who tipped the bin to clean it out, found 70 letters among the garbage, posted by people who mistook the bin for a pillar box. The letters were handed over to the Posts and Telegraph department. Pictures by Amit Datta
Hello, it's Friday, June 20, 2003
Roads to avoid
School meet
Reflections of Varanasi
The ancient town of Varanasi, also known as Kashi,...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Nicole KidmanYou are gentle and sensitive. Emotions may sometimes overcome your reason. Yo ...Read.. 
Guest Column
Lee-Alison Sibley on a day this April in the life of the US consul general’s wife...  | Read.. 
Minor mother waits to wed
What happens when a girl gets married, and has a son, before she turns 18' ...  | Read.. 

Sites blamed for Board results fiasco
The needle of suspicion for the Madhyamik 2003 results fiasco is pointing t...  | Read.. 

Township’s double tax trouble
Double-levy trouble is taxing Salt Lake. Residents of the township fear the...  | Read.. 

Reports delay college rating
Chances appear uncertain for Presidency College, the most prestigious among...  | Read.. 

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Salt Lake flyover plans
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