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Such cooperation shall promote the transfer of technical, scientific and legal expertise and technology, as mutually agreed, to establish and strengthen national tobacco control strategies, plans and programmes aiming at, inter alia: facilitation of the development, transfer and acquisition of technology, knowledge, skills, capacity and expertise related to tobacco control; provision of technical, scientific, legal and other expertise to establish and strengthen national tobacco control strategies, plans and programmes, aiming at implementation of the for appropriate training or sensitization programmes for appropriate personnel...provision, as appropriate, of the necessary material, equipment and supplies, as well as logistical support, for tobacco control strategies, plans and programmes, identification of methods for tobacco control, including comprehensive treatment of nicotine addiction; and promotion, as appropriate, of research to increase the affordability of comprehensive treatment of nicotine addiction...

Relations between the conference of the parties and inter-governmental organizations: In order to provide technical and financial cooperation for achieving the objective of this convention, the conference of the parties may request the cooperation of competent international and regional inter-governmental organizations including financial and development institutions.

Financial resources: The parties recognize the important role that financial resources play in achieving the objectives of this convention. Each party shall provide financial support in respect of its national activities intended to achieve the objective of the convention, in accordance with its national plans, priorities and programmes.

Parties shall promote, as appropriate, the utilization of bilateral, regional, sub-regional and other multilateral channels to provide funding for the development and strengthening of multi-sectoral comprehensive tobacco control programmes of developing country parties and parties with economies in transition. Accordingly, economically viable alternatives to tobacco production, including crop diversification should be addressed and supported in the context of nationally developed strategies of sustainable development.

Parties represented in relevant regional and international inter-governmental organizations, and financial and development institutions shall encourage these entities to provide financial assistance for developing country parties and for parties with economies in transition to assist them in meeting their obligations under the convention, without limiting the rights of participation within these organizations.

The parties agree that: to assist parties in meeting their obligations under the convention, all relevant potential and existing resources, financial, technical, or otherwise, both public and private that are available for tobacco control activities, should be mobilized and utilized for the benefit of all parties...

The secretariat shall advise...on available sources of funding to facilitate the implementation of their obligations under the convention; the conference of the parties in its first session shall review existing and potential sources and mechanisms of assistance...and the results of this review shall be taken into account by the conference of the parties in determining the necessity to enhance existing mechanisms or to establish a voluntary global fund or other appropriate financial mechanisms to channel additional financial resources...for meeting the objectives of the convention.


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