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Don’t bank on cops, get cover

R.P. Majumder,
Christopher Road.

Police personnel are recruited by the government to perform specific jobs and it is assumed that their duty does not cover security services to banks unless they requisition and pay for the same. So, it is the responsibility of the banks to make their own security arrangements.

Biswajit Ganguly,
Dakshindari Road.

There must be police postings at major branches of every bank. A policeman can do the job better than an ordinary security guard. But the bank must also have its own security officers. The most important point is that the security officers, be they private guards or policemen, must be equipped with the latest weapons to tackle bank dacoits.

Nabamita Saha,

Miscreants today are more ferocious and organised. Though tackling them is primarily a joint responsibility of banks and the police, the common people must also be alert and vigilant.

Deba Prasad Bhattacharyya,

Security at a bank should be the bank’s responsibility because a bank is liable to refund customers’ money. It is ridiculous that most branches do not have their own security arrangements even though robberies are so frequent. During banking hours, the local police station should make arrangements for patrolling on the roads where banks are situated. But to ensure foolproof security, banks should engage armed security guards.

Mohit Bengani,

I think security at a bank should be the bank’s responsibility. The bank should be careful. But the police too should be equally vigilant.

Diptimoy Ghosh,
Salt Lake City.

Responsibility for a bank’s security lies both with the bank and the police. But it’s the bank’s duty to provide adequate security arrangements. Their watch and ward wing needs to be strengthened. Just one or two securitymen at the gate, holding rifles, is not sufficient. Close-circuit cameras and security bells should be installed. If required, a bank should deploy private security agencies who are more professional than the bank’s own guards (who have no fear of retrenchment). The role of the police, in this respect, also cannot be ruled out. They are supposed to be in charge of law and order.

Amitava Mukherjee,

No. Security at a bank should not be the bank’s responsibility. Providing security to the people is the police’s job and banks or the rail stations are as much a part of their charge.

Gunjeet S. Wadhwa,
Rai Bahadur Road.

Security at a bank should be the bank’s responsibility. In most nationalised banks, the security guards are too aged to handle the big and heavy guns. By the time they gear up for action, the goons dispose of them with their more sophisticated weapons. Banks should also be equipped with proper security arrangements. Only the joint cooperation between the bank and the police can stop bank robberies.

Debyani Basu,

There is no question that there are loopholes in the security systems of various banks. That is why several bank dacoities have taken place recently. The bank’s own guards must be well-trained and well-equipped. The bank should be linked with the local police station though a hotline connection. Close-circuit televisions should also be installed so that the guards and the police can keep an eye on people easily. The security of a bank depends a lot on the joint effort of the bank’s own security guards and the police. This co-operation should be as intensified as possible.

Madhusree Gupta,
Anil Roy Road.

The term security is in fact intimately and intricately interwined with the very concept of banking. People keep their money and valuables at banks to keep them secure. So a bank’s security is primarily the banks’ own responsibility just as the security of our home is our own headache. Banks can seek special help and protection from the police but the responsibility remains with them. There are so many banks that in no way can we expect the police to shoulder the entire responsibility of ensuring security for all of them.

Sunaina Ghosh,
Rai Bahadur Road.

The banks never seem to learn a lesson. With bank dacoities taking place every other day, they should beef up their security systems. If the bank is doing business and wants to gain the confidence of its customers, then it should arrange for its own security. Why should it be the responsibility of the police' The police have their hands full. The banks should install modern security gadgets and keep in touch with the local police. Close-circuit TV cameras should be installed and each customer entering the bank scanned. No bank should be allowed to operate unless it has a good security system.

Sushma Jalan,

With so many private sector banks coming up at every corner of the city, it is impossible for the police to take up the task of providing them security. This should be the bank’s responsibility so that they cannot blame the police in case of any theft or dacoity. Even the government banks should learn to look after themselves and not be dependent on the police alone. All the police stations should have some devices to receive emergency signals from banks in the locality in case of trouble. If the police and the bank’s own security personnel work hand in hand, the banks would certainly become safe.

Tapan Kumar Mukherjee,

No. Security of a bank should not be the bank’s responsibility. The police are employed to protect the people.

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