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From dusk to dawn
Basabi Dutta (left), Mohan Singh

Rabindranath Tagore’s creative genius manifested itself in multiple spheres, music being one of them. It required the awesome presence of a Tagorean genius to blend the flawless verbosity of the Bengali language, allowing it to climb great heights and reach the eminence of Hindustani classical notes. Tagore alone could afford to experiment successfully with variations from the sculptured metre of the subtle ragas to increase the suppressed senses of the Bengali psyche. Pradosh hosts a very special programme, Surjasta Theke Surjodoy, which deals with the various ragas, exploring the nuances of the evening through Rabindrasangeet. Two Rabindrasangeet exponents, Mohan Singh and Basabi Dutta, both from Sangeet Bhavan, Santiniketan, will infuse life into the lyrics with their mellifluous renderings. Recipient of the prestigious Sur Sagar and Sur Sindhu awards, Singh specialises in dhrupad-ang songs of Tagore and discerning listeners find a distinct flavour of the Shantidev Ghosh-gharana in his style of singing. Dutta’s forte is Hindustani classical music. In her rendition, she naturally combines the beauty of Tagore’s lyrics with precision as she manoeuvres the difficult terrains of classical music effortlessly. Beginning with Kaar milono chao birohi, based on Sree raga, the duo will explore various ragas through Bina bajao hey antare (Purabi), Amaar jabar bela (Ashabhari Bhairavi) and the concluding number, Bandhu raho sathe (Bhairavi Tappa). Prior to them, Achin Mukhopadhyay and Bikram Singh will render a couple of songs to set the evening’s mood.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Sisir Mancha

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