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Behind that veil

Each party shall endeavour to: (a) establish progressively a national system for the epidemiological surveillance of tobacco consumption and related social, economic and health indicators; (b) cooperate with competent international and regional inter-governmental organizations and other bodies, including governmental and non-governmental agencies, in regional and global tobacco surveillance and exchange of information...and (c) cooperate with the World Health Organization in the development of general guidelines or procedures for defining the collection, analysis and dissemination of tobacco-related surveillance data.

The parties shall, subject to national law, promote and facilitate the exchange of publicly available scientific, technical, socio-economic, commercial and legal information, as well as information regarding practices of the tobacco industry and the cultivation of tobacco, which is relevant to this convention, and in so doing shall take into account and address the special needs of developing country parties and parties with economies in transition.

Each party shall endeavour to: (a) progressively establish and maintain an updated database of laws and regulations on tobacco control and, as appropriate, information about their enforcement, as well as pertinent jurisprudence, and cooperate in the development of programmes for regional and global tobacco control; (b) progressively establish and maintain updated data from national surveillance programmes...and (c) cooperate with competent international organizations to progressively establish and maintain a global system to regularly collect and disseminate information on tobacco production, manufacture and the activities of the tobacco industry which have an impact on the convention or national tobacco control activities. Parties should cooperate in regional and international inter-governmental organizations and financial and development institutions of which they are members, to promote and encourage provisions of technical and financial resources to the secretariat to assist developing country parties and parties with economies in transition to meet their commitments on research, surveillance and exchange of information.

Reporting and exchange of information: Each party shall submit to the conference of the parties, through secretariat, periodic reports on its implementation of this convention, which should include the following: (a) information on legislative, executive, administrative or other measures taken to implement the convention; (b) information, as appropriate, on any constraints or barriers encountered in its implementation of the convention, and on the measures taken to overcome these barriers; (c) information, as appropriate, on financial and technical assistance provided or received for tobacco control activities; (d) information on surveillance and research...

The frequency and format of such reports by all parties shall be determined by the conference of the parties. Each party shall make its initial report within two years of the entry into force of the convention for that party. The parties shall protect, as mutually agreed, any confidential information that is exchanged.

The parties shall cooperate directly or through competent international bodies to strengthen their capacity to fulfill the obligations arising from this convention, taking into account the needs of developing country parties and parties with economies in transition.

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