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Fix pouch, find pooch

Tokyo, June 16 (Reuters): Scared of losing your pooch'

Japan’s largest home and office security provider Secom Co. Ltd thinks it can offer the paranoid pet owner a little peace of mind.

Secom said today it plans to unleash a new service later this month to track missing dogs, using satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS) and mobile phone networks. (Picture above shows labrador retriever Momo wearing the device)

Owners can place a sensor — which Secom said is the world’s smallest and lightest mobile GPS terminal at 48 grams — around the dog’s neck in a small pouch or on its back using a full-body harness.

The company said the sensor might be too heavy for small dogs and cats.

Dog owners can locate their missing pet within 50 metres on a website by typing in a username and password or by placing a call to the Secom phone centre.

The technology used by Secom is an extension of a similar service offered since April 2001 for tracking young children, the elderly and missing automobiles.

Secom aims to bite into the lucrative accessories’ market catering to Japan’s 9.5 million dogs and 7.1 million cats.

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