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Heralding the rainy season

Monsoon has remained a favourite season with our poets from time immemorial. Kalidasa’s brilliant verses in Meghdootam bring to life a mass of cloud (formed on the very first day of Asharh, the first month of monsoon) who is sent as Yaksha’s messenger to sail across Ujjaini and relay his beloved’s message to him. Monsoon also happens to be Rabindranath Tagore’s cherished season. He has explored the entire gamut of human emotions in his verses on monsoon. To him, monsoon is a living entity that expresses itself in myriad moods and colours. Just as Kalidasa’s verses brought to life a mass of cloud, likewise Tagore lent a voice to the season that engulfs and expresses all human feelings — joy, sorrow, beauty et al. Bhavna and Uttam Mancha are going to host a programme of Tagore songs on monsoon tomorrow (the last day of Jaistha ), heralding the first day of Asharh. Beginning with Bishwa beena rabey, the programme will feature songs that not only deal with the physical features of monsoon (the rains drizzling softly, sometimes accompanied by thunder, at times dark ominous clouds engulfing the entire universe, occasionally bursting forth like a child in unpremeditated joy, or at times falling in a monotonous drone like singing lullabies... ), but also the philosophical aspects— as the parched earth absorbs the droplets of rain thirstily, the cycle of life completes one full circle. Rejuvination and the process of renewal begins once again. Two immensely promising siblings from Sangeet Bhavan, Santiniketan, Manoj Murali Nair and Manisha Murali Nair, will infuse life into Tagore’s lyrics with their rich, sonorous renderings, bringing forth the right mood with intense feelings.

When: Tomorrow (June 15) at 6 pm

Where: Uttam Mancha

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