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Newspaper content guidelines

New Delhi, June 11: The Centre has decided to grant “automatic approval” to Indian newspapers wanting to procure content from foreign publications, according to revised guidelines issued by the ministry of information and broadcasting today.

So far, the policy has been to allow Indian newspapers and magazines to carry photographs, cartoons, crossword puzzles, articles and features from foreign publications on the basis of syndication arrangements with prior approval from the ministry.

The revised guidelines say “automatic approval” will be subject to five conditions:

—The total material procured and printed in an issue of the Indian publication does not exceed 7.5 per cent of the total printed area of that issue

—The syndicated material does not include full copy of the editorial page or the front page of the foreign publication

—The masthead of the content provider publication is not utilised in the Indian publication

—Credit to the provider is necessarily given prominently as a byline in the Indian publication

—The material procured must already have been published in the foreign publication.

The ministry will examine any case that may require relaxation of the conditions.

The new guidelines are not applicable in cases where the ministry has approved publication of the Indian edition of a foreign newspaper or journal.

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