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Shizzle my nizzle: Rap judge can’t crack it for sure
A high court judge ruled yesterday that rap lyrics should be treated as a “foreign language” after admitting that he was unsure of the meaning of “shizzle my nizzle” and “mish mish man”....  | Read.. 
Book a hit, not Hillary
Some suspect Hillary Clinton’s tell-all memoir is an early move in a potential presidential run, but a new poll yesterday re ...  | Read.. 
Nelson wind farm raises storm
Nelson may be turning in his grave. Spain is planning the world’s biggest wind farm on the site of the Battle of Trafalgar. ...  | Read.. 
New York will milk you dry
It’s the city where anything goes. Just don’t sit on a milk crate, take up two subway seats or have a loud conversation. ...  | Read.. 
Nasty T-Rex not a killer
For a century, the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex has been regarded as a savage killer marauding unchallenged across the later d ...  | Read.. 
Musician Carlos Santana and his wife Deborah display gifts from South African craftsmen as South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu looks on during a new ...  | Read