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Nature’s bounty amid wilderness

The atavistic ‘heart of darkness’ in us responds to nature every time the wild beckons. The wild, primitive beauty has a strange, mesmerising effect on the human soul. And when nature calls, none can ignore. Like a soul possessed, man rushes to nature, disregarding dangers, throwing all cautions to the wind. And for someone who has responded to the call once, there is no looking back. Like an intoxicated man, the urge to return grows stronger by the day. Balaram Bose would have been like any other urban educated man, working in a bank and leading a stereotype life. But that was not to be. Once he ventured into the wild, he was a lost soul for ever. His romantic escapades with nature took him to virgin forests. Bose’s ecstasy knew no bounds and he began capturing moments in his camera. His photographs, coupled with his stories of adventures, had a hypnotic effect on his audience and very soon a group of like-minded adventurers/ lensmen joined Bose. That was way back in 1985. Since then Bose has been going on his sojourns with his group. The current exhibition by Bhavna showcases a selection of his photographs along with paintings by Madhuchhanda Sen and Pradip Saha. Also, slide shows are held daily at 6.30 pm.

When: Till June 8; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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