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‘No lapse will be tolerated’
C.R. Maity, Director of medical education

Neglect noose over doctors
The death by medical negligence of a 17-year-old budding cricketer has opened the eyes of the government to the need for greater accountability in state-run hospitals....  | Read.. 
12 days of sweat over Shah Rukh steps
Beat the heat in Boogie Woogie style. That’s the mantra some wannabe movers and shakers are chanting to make the most of thei...  | Read.. 
Centre of action beyond city limits
The big boys of IT are setting up shop here. The EM Bypass, Calcutta’s fastest growing spine, is at arm’s length. Phase I of New Town, ...  | Read.. 
Between time and eternity, Tagore
Rabindranath and Einstein. Baul and cyber music. French composer and non-resident Bengali singer. The heady mix of opposites ...  | Read.. 
Madhyamik platform to perform
For Madhyamik students with a flair for dramatics, the time has come to show off and hone their talent. It’s also time to tra ...  | Read.. 
The great government green screen
Hello, it's Friday, June 06, 2003
Roads to avoid
Club fest
Nature’s bounty amid wilderness
The atavistic ‘heart of darkness’ in us responds t...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Sunil Dutt.It’s time you chalked out your financial plans. Focus on projects that are less risky; t ...Read.. 
Moksha through money
Catering only to our acquisitive instincts today, the world of pink gin and Proust has been ...  | Read.. 
Twin-studio Tollywood boon
To take movies out of the hands of “Bombay-based films and 007-type cinema”...  | Read.. 

Double trouble over carpark
Bidhananagar Municipality has received money from two separate organisation...  | Read.. 

The teacher among the taught
Jadavpur University (JU) has given itself a lecturer who will have to juggl...  | Read.. 

Bomb, bullet attack on rival goon
Gunshots sparked panic on Ripon Street on Thursday morning. A gang of unide...  | Read.. 

A decade on, vendor rights still stall new Lake Market
Twelve years behind schedule, and further delay ahead. Differences of opini...  | Read.. 

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