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Bush gets stiff smile at ‘stopover’ summit
Presidents George W. Bush and Jacques Chirac smiled for the cameras today at the start of a Group of Eight summit overshadowed by the US-French clash over the Iraq war and concern over Washington’s next moves. ...  | Read.. 
Maoists want king to go
Nepal’s Maoists claim to have taken control over nearly 80 per cent of the kingdom, but cannot give the final push because they are not sure what to do with the king. ...  | Read.. 
Korea flare-up
South Korea’s navy fired warning shots today after North Korean fishing boats crossed the border between the rival nations and the US and Russia called on Pyongyang to abando ...  | Read.. 
Islamic term for Pervez
Hardline Islamist alliance, the Muthahida Majlis Amal (MMA) has offered Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf a one-year deadline to quit the key post of army chief, provided t ...  | Read.. 
US President George W. Bush Bush kisses Cherie Blair, wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, near St Petersburg on Saturday. (Reuters)
Old dad club comes to terms with nappies and nurseries
Paul McCartney was a jaunty lad when, with John Lennon, he composed the song When I’m Sixty-Four..  | Read.. 
Yangtze tamed amid pride and panic
China blocked the massive Yangtze river today, starting to fill a reservoir for the world’s biggest..  | Read.. 
Israel softens Palestine stand
Israel signalled support today for efforts by the Palestini ...  | Read.. 

Suu Kyi moved to guest house
Myanmar’s junta moved Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to ...  | Read..