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Letters to Editor

Who is the least popular of them all'

Sir — It is more than evident that the South African cricket captain does not exactly have the highest regards for Lance Klusener (“Lance can ruin a team: Smith”, May 28). But isn’t it strange that Graeme Smith, who has had Klusener as his teammate in just a few matches, should pass this comment, rather than those who have played for years with Klusener' Smith has been showing all the signs of becoming more unpopular than Klusener, ever since he belittled Hansie Cronje’s contributions to Proteas cricket. Klusener has little to lose now, being at the end of his career, but Smith can lose a lot and so can South African cricket.

Yours faithfully,
Rohan Sawhney, Calcutta

Holiday season

Sir — Being a Central government employee, I think that the report, “Holiday 201 days, work 164” (May 8) is grossly misleading, aiming at portraying Central government employees as a clan of holiday revellers and a burden on the public exchequer. It is also a pity that some members of parliament have raised demands for a drastic cut in the number of holidays enjoyed by Central government staff without being properly informed.

Central government employees do not have 20 days medical leave as reported. Each employee actually earns only 10 fully-paid medical leaves in a year, but only on submission of medical certificates issued by an authorized Central government medical attendant or a Central government health services doctor, by commuting 20 days half-pay leave. So the statistics of 20 days of medical leave and an equal number of half-pay leaves is wrong.

The total number of holidays comes to 171. Besides, out of the gazetted 17 holidays, four to five fall on weekend days, further reducing the actual number of holidays to 165/166. In contrast, private sector employees enjoy approximately 176 holidays along with higher pay, allowances and attractive perquisites. Hence, the inference that Central government employees enjoy more holidays working less than their private-sector counterparts is baseless and motivated.

Yours faithfully,
P.R. Sarkar, Howrah

Sir — The Gujarat high court’s decision to dispense with its customary summer vacation to dispose of pending cases is laudable and exemplary. This is the first step in shrugging off the British legacy of court summer holidays. The tradition was started during the days of the raj only to give the British an opportunity to return to London to escape the India summer. Will the other high courts follow the example of the Gujarat high court'

Yours faithfully,
R. Sekar, Angul

Sir — The Central government has one lesson to learn from Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government, which has sizeably reduced the number of holidays for its employees in an effort to improve work culture.

Yours faithfully,
Saswata Guha, Calcutta

City with no name

Sir — The editorial, “Job’s comfort” (May 18), remarks sarcastically that while Kolkata has a birthday, Calcutta has none, with obvious reference to the Calcutta high court’s recent ruling that the city has neither a birthday, nor a founder. But why must The Telegraph continue to call the city Calcutta, when it has no problems calling Bombay, Madras, Trivandrum, Baroda, Peking and Rangoon as Mumbai, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Vadodara, Beijing and Yangon' Is it because the Left Front had led the movement for the city’s renaming' Or is it because the new name is too Bengali for comfort'

Yours faithfully,
Kajal Chatterjee, Sodepur

Sir — Since when did lawyers decide historical matters' Anyway, it was always a matter of what exactly is meant by Calcutta — there were already three villages scattered about the site of the present city, one of which was named Kolkata. But it would have remained a village had not Job Charnock settled there and founded a factory for the East India Company.

Yours faithfully,
Jerry Losty, Head of Prints, Drawings and Photographs Section, Oriental and India Office Collections, The British Library, London

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