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‘It is more a case of a bruised ego than bruised gums’
Dentist dragged to consumer court by senior police officer

Global grades, local lessons
Science classes in the lab and not in the classroom. A visit to the stock exchange to track scrip movement. Dropping in at a software technology park...  | Read.. 
Dawn arrest at Victoria of teaser trio
Road Romeos are threatening to rob the Victoria Memorial greens of their early morning charm and their late-evening romance. ...  | Read.. 
Cop, doctor in tooth tussle
The combatants: a top cop and a leading dentist. The root cause: a rotten tooth. The showdown point: a consumer court in town....  | Read.. 
Jawans face mob fury
Three army jawans patrolling the Maidan were attacked by a group of men on Thursday evening. A Fort William spokesman said th...  | Read.. 
Bacteria bottled in ‘chilled mineral water’
Before grabbing the next bottle of ‘chilled mineral water’ to beat the heat, think thrice. The West Bengal Pollution Control ...  | Read.. 
As the mercury soared past the 38-degree Celsius mark and the humidity rose to 92 per cent, Calcuttans were desperate to beat the heat on Thursday. Fo ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, May 30, 2003
Roads to avoid
Pilgrim’s progress
Everyone knows Sunil Das, the enfant terrible<...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Paresh Rawal.You do not like disturbing the status quo. Loyalty is important to you. Sometimes, you ...Read.. 
Guest Column
One was electrifying, with a streak of subterranean restlessness; the other a pillar of stability an...  | Read.. 
Cry security above a square meal
Streetchildren rate protection above hunger on their list of basic needs. W...  | Read.. 

Tenants raise power-restore penalty
The tenants of 8, Madan Street are caught between the devil and the deep bl...  | Read.. 

Intruder shot dead by factory security
A middle-aged man, Akhtar Ali, was shot dead by the security guard of a pri...  | Read.. 

Platform to give peace a chance, in every sphere
War sucks. Peace works — fighting words from a band of soldiers refusing to...  | Read.. 

Mayor’s picture proof of Reliance ‘errors’
Mayor Subrata Mukherjee on Thursday handed over to municipal affairs minist...  | Read.. 

Capitulation to capitation fee
Putting an end to its traditional demand for “free and subsidised education...  | Read.. 

Biman Bose car in anti-crime blockade
A gang of nearly two dozen criminals attacked several houses and shops at N...  | Read.. 

Wife, son throttled to death, suicide by trader
Barely 48 hours after Ajoy Bhattacharya killed his three children and wife ...  | Read.. 

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Twin bodies in taxi identified
Man found dead in flat
Beam-box rates
Killed in explosion
Power theft
Arm ripped off
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