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Pak complain against Daryl Harper

Islamabad: The Pakistan cricket team has lodged a complaint with the ICC over a decision taken by umpire Daryl Harper during its third match against hosts Sri Lanka in the recent one-day tri-series.

The team management, in its post-match report submitted to Match Referee Gundappa Viswanath, complained that Harper had disallowed a legitimate four runs that should have been awarded to the Pakistan team, The News said Wednesday.

The incident took place when Taufeeq Umar played a ball that was picked up by a fielder who tried to run out non-striker Muhammad Hafeez, but the ball deflected off the bat and raced down to the boundary.

Hafeez also tried to prompt Taufeeq into taking a run when the ball went for overthrows but the latter stopped him.

Under ICC law, if the ball has not crossed the boundary line, it was up to the batsman to take runs off the overthrow or not, but once the ball crosses the boundary line, the umpire must signal for a four.

But Harper did not signal for a four and instead was seen reprimanding Hafeez for attempting to take a run off the deflection.

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