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The drying-up of the Aral Sea has caused shocking damages in central Asia on the eco-system, human health, and climate, among other damages. The key issues causing the delay of recovery actions are mainly the lack of data and/or their conveying, and inefficient and squandered water consumptions in the riparian countries.

The situation in Aral Sea basin became a world known example of natural disaster. Under current political and social-economic conditions, one of the critical handicaps to ensure effective water development in the region remains the lack of global partnership between the riparian countries.

To help overcome the acknowledged obstacles it is important to initiate the installation of large-scale water management monitoring systems beyond the national borders of the river. Mutual dialogue, data disclosure, and information-sharing will undoubtedly alleviate the conflicts of interest between the riparian countries. Future forecast of water resources and preparation of regional and national water strategy based on integrated water resources management and water conservation programme should be an accepted concept for future evolution of the region.

Recommendations: all riparian countries including Afghanistan should be part of the international partnership in order to ensure sustainable future solutions. Creation of a legal base in form of interstate agreements and strengthening of water national law; support information system development, creation and disclosure of knowledge base and strengthening of infrastructure and capacity-building.

...The session considers that it is important to promote understanding of a comprehensive and effective system for water resources development and management to fit the Asian monsoon region based on the consideration of natural and social conditions of the Asian monsoon region and holding the Japanese experiences in common.

Some reports of present situations of water resources development and management from some countries were submitted in the virtual water forum. The session compares the situations with the evolution process of Japan and Korea. It becomes clear that a comprehensive and effective water resources development... is needed for sound development of industry and agriculture and elevation of living standards in the countries which have predicted economical development in the future.

It is useful to share the experiences of Japan and Korea as common wisdom in Asian countries for the purpose of coping with difficulties.

For the water resources management in the Asian monsoon region, it is necessary to transfer positively not only the development and management technologies of Japan and Korea, but also the systems of personnel and institutions. And this movement is required to be accelerated much more.

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