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Kasuri stand

Islamabad, May 25: Pakistan foreign minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri today said intelligence sharing, as proposed by India, was not possible without bilateral dialogue.

“Theoretically, everything is possible. But practically, the confidence, trust and mutual understanding of each other is imperative, which could only be achieved through dialogue,” he said.

Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha had yesterday proposed a "joint mechanism" with Pakistan to share intelligence.

Kasuri said, the only way to have confidence, trust and mutual understanding is dialogue otherwise there would be no positive impact on relations between the two countries.

"We can move forward through dialogue and achieve practically, what is theoretically possible at the moment," the Foreign Minister said.

He said, once we (Pakistan and India) have trust and confidence in each other through dialogue then we would be able to resolve all contentious

issues between the two countries and would be able to have such sort of "mechanisms."

India had earlier proposed joint patrolling of Line of Control (LOC) by Indian and Pakistani forces and Pakistan had rejected the proposal. Instead,

Pakistan had stressed the need for impartial monitoring of LOC by deploying a reasonable number of international observers and strengthening the UNMOGIP.

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