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Dowry defiance list lengthens

New Delhi, May 21: The wave unleashed by Nisha Sharma has yet to subside.

The capital today saw another bridegroom landing in jail after being accused of persecuting his wife for more dowry.

Yogesh Kumar (24) was put behind bars on charges that his family demanded more dowry from his wife Savita Mittal’s relatives three days after their wedding in south-west Delhi.

This is the third such instance in Delhi after Nisha hit the headlines by filing a dowry-harassment complaint against her fiancé minutes before he was to wed her.

Trouble started for Savita (20) ever since she got engaged to Yogesh, owner of a hardware shop, on May 12.

The youngest among a family of three brothers and five sisters, Savita is a resident of Prem Nagar in Nazafgarh on the outskirts of south-west Delhi. Her father had died nine years ago and the family runs a small shop nearby.

Savita’s family had given Rs 1 lakh, a cooler, a refrigerator and an almirah as part of the dowry to Yogesh. However, her relatives said, the groom’s family demanded a scooter and a gold chain, which was turned down as the bride’s family could not afford them.

Still, the alliance was on track and the couple got married on May 18. However, a discordant note was struck on the day of wedding itself with her in-laws frowning on the food served, Savita’s sister-in-law Geeta Mittal said.

After Savita reached her in-laws’ house the next morning in Dhansa village, dominated by Jats and Gujjars, she was greeted with nasty remarks from her mother-in-law Maya Devi, Geeta added.

Devi started complaining to Savita that she had brought cheap saris. When Savita brought this to the notice of her husband, he expressed helplessness and said he cannot comment on his mother’s behaviour.

“I never expected to be treated like an animal by my in-laws,” Savita said. “I’m from a poor family, still we tried to meet their demands. But they humiliated and abused me as I entered their house.”

On May 20, Devi allegedly demanded another Rs 3,000 from her brother and other relatives who had come to take her home. They organised the amount, gave it to Devi and took Savita home.

However, Yogesh and six family members, including his mother and elder brother Suresh, turned up at Savita's house around 5.30 pm and demanded that Savita be sent back with them.

The groom’s family also renewed the demand for a scooter and a gold chain, triggering heated arguments.

Yogesh and Suresh then took away the jewellery Savita was wearing and tried to flee in a Tata Sumo, Geeta said. She said that at that point of time, the bride’s family decided to seek the help of the police.

Deputy Commissioner of police Tejinder Luthra said Yogesh has been arrested.

Six members of his family have been booked on charges of cheating and dowry harassment.

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