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First mad cow disease case shocks Canada
Canada reported its first case of mad cow disease in a decade today, sending shock waves through the North American food industry just weeks after the country’s economy was d ...  | Read.. 
Troops brace for long haul in Aceh
Indonesian forces clashed today with separatist rebels in the western province of Aceh, where the military said its campaign could take up to six months. ...  | Read.. 
Virus cases mount in Taiwan
Taiwan, which has the world’s fastest-growing outbreak of SARS, reported dozens more probable cases today as the epidemic appeared to be on the wane in China and Hong Kong. ...  | Read.. 
A pelican rests atop a street light in a northern suburb of Narrabeen, Australia, on Wednesday. (Reuters)
Sex by fifteen
Crate chair
Batik feat
China beats US to beam live images from Everest summit
Chinese climbers broadcast the first live television pictures from the summit of Everest today, 50 ..  | Read.. 
Anti-tobacco pact approved
More than 190 countries today approved the first international treaty against smoking, including an..  | Read.. 
‘Mountain has become too crowded’
The first woman to set foot on the peak of Mount Everest sa ...  | Read.. 

Terror tape returns to haunt America
Qatar’s Jazeera television today aired what it said was an ...  | Read.. 

War crimes probe on UK hero
A senior British Army officer hailed for his inspirational ...  | Read.. 

Court rejects $145-billion ruling against cigarette firms
A Florida appeals court today reversed a landmark $145 bill ...  | Read..