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Hungry for hit, Liz wants it hot

London, May 18 (PTI): In an effort to give her career a much-needed boost, British actress Elizabeth Hurley wants to do more explicit scenes in her forthcoming film.

“She is so anxious to give her movie career a much-needed boost that she told film bosses she would only star in Method, a murder mystery, if they rewrote the script to give her more raunchy scenes,” the Sunday Express reported today.

“The script has been written with Elizabeth in mind. She is hoping to do something to push the erotic edge, much as Sharon Stone did in Basic Instinct,” said the film’s producer Andrew Stevens.

Hurley, whose earlier flicks include Austin Powers and Bedazzled, has been dogged by critics who claim she found fame only as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend and her stunning looks far outweighed her acting ability. She was once described by Vogue magazine as a “textbook example of how to be famous without being successful”.

Ron Novey, a vice president of Trademark Entertainment, the American firm financing the film, said “Elizabeth asked for additional scenes”.

Method will eerily mirror Elizabeth’s own life. She plays a character called Rebecka Fairbanks, a filmstar who feels she does not get the respect her talent deserves from other actors and critics.

“We originally wanted an American actress but Liz suggested that her being English and struggling to learn an American accent could be part of the script, so that’s what we’ve done,” Stevens said. “This movie could be pivotal for her career. I think Liz Hurley is a terrific actress who is known worldwide and perfect for the part,” he said.

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