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China virus death threat
China, haunted by the possibility of SARS rampaging through its vast countryside, has threatened to execute or jail for life anyone who intentionally spreads the killer virus. ...  | Read.. 
Britain hands over Umm Qasr
British troops today formally handed over control of the first Iraqi town to a civilian authority since a US-led invasion toppled Saddam Husseinís government. ...  | Read.. 
Lebanon foils bid on Beirutís US embassy
Lebanon has arrested nine people plotting an attack on the US embassy and kidnappings to try to force the release of Islamic militant prisoners, military intelligence offici ...  | Read.. 
12-yr-old killed in Gaza
Israeli forces killed a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, two gunmen and a youth today in a raid on a Gaza town that coincided with the Palestiniansí annual commemoration of their ...  | Read.. 
A girl at a railway station in Wuhan, China. (Reuters)
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Goat grind
Is your blood pressure 120/80' Exercise & hit the salad bar
So now all of a sudden you no longer have healthy blood pressure under new US guidelines released t..  | Read.. 
Cruise clash awaited at Cannes
Penelope Cruz took to the red carpet yesterday in the battle to be the Queen of Cannes and faced so..  | Read.. 
Blasts hit Pak Shell stations
Small bombs exploded at 18 Shell petrol stations in Karach ...  | Read..