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Manic mamma

Rome, May 14 (Reuters): An Italian mother stuffed her 14-year-old son with so many unnecessary medicines that he ballooned to 140 kg, could not walk and eventually had to be taken to hospital, media reported today.

The housewife from Pavia, near Milan, kept her only child away from school for more than a year, plying him with pills and potions to protect him from illnesses she imagined could claim him.

Doctors found cortisone-based drugs in his blood which can cause swelling and imbalances in metabolism in large doses. After a few months in hospital, doctors were surprised at the still-dangerously-high chemical levels in the boy’s blood.

They then discovered the mother, while pretending to deliver home-cooked food to her son, had actually been sneaking in more medicine and was slowly killing him.

Gory guitar

London (Reuters): Rock legend John Entwistle’s prized pink guitar “Frankenstein” sold for almost 10 times the expected price at auction, Sotheby’s said yesterday. The pink Fender Precision guitar had been tipped to fetch up to £7,000 but sold for £62,400 as part of an auction of Entwistle’s collection of 150 guitars, exotic fish, celebrity sketches and gold discs. Entwistle, who died of a heart attack in Las Vegas last year, amassed the collection during nearly 40 years as bassist with The Who — a band better known for smashing its guitars on stage than preserving them for posterity. “Frankenstein” was so called because it was made up of the remains of five smashed basses.

Public prank

Tirana (Reuters): An amorous Albanian couple’s very public highway hanky panky mortified motorists this week in a country emerging from decades of social conservativism. The daily Korrieri newspaper reported today that travellers on an eastern highway were amazed at the cheek of a couple who emerged naked from a car, had a brief roadside romp and then scampered off before the police arrived. “The couple came out of their car completely naked and started making love on the asphalt,” taxi driver Vangjush Poci told Korrieri. “After a few minutes, they kissed and walked back to their car.” Korrieri said police had confirmed the incident but said no actions would be taken against the “wild sex couple”. Albanian social behaviour has become more libertine since the collapse of Communism over a decade ago, but the asphalt intercourse incident is anecdotally considered a first.

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