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Lessons on how to have a baby

Rachana Rastogi wanted to have a normal delivery but was apprehensive of her decision. At Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, doctors banished her fears and encouraged her to go ahead. “I had a normal childbirth and I am fine,” Rachana said.

For many others like Rachana, who are not keen on a Caesarean section, obstetricians and gynaecologists at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital are planning to introduce ‘parent craft’ classes.

“Although the Caesarean casegraph is rising steeply in the city, we want to get back to our roots. Several women would like to have a normal childbirth but are scared of the pain,” Jayanta Kumar Gupta, senior consultant and coordinator of obstetrics, gynaecology and maternal child health department of the hospital, told Metro on Monday.

“The participants can interact with the team of specialists and discuss their doubts and misconceptions,” he added.

“Through the classes, we want to prepare pregnant women physically and mentally for labour. We want to make them realise that normal delivery can also be a pleasant experience,” Gupta said, while explaining the need for such classes.

“The first parent craft class in the hospital will be held in July. Initially, around 20 women will attend,” he added.

At the classes, stretching a maximum of two hours, would-be parents will be counselled on issues ranging from diet and nutrition and physical exercises to the frequency of visiting the doctor and handling minor problems during pregnancy.

Various pain-relievers and their success rates will be discussed to make patients aware of the modern facilities in medical science.

“Epidural services for pain relief will be started soon and we are coordinating with the anaesthetic department of our hospital for this,” he said.

Pre-natal and post-natal literature, video slides and films feature in the module of the classes. A team of obstetricians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, midwives and anaesthetists will conduct the classes.

Kalpana Chakraborty, a specialist in women’s healthcare at City Medical Centre on Rashbehari Avenue, echoed Gupta’s view: “We get a lot of patients who want to go in for a normal delivery but are apprehensive. They need proper counselling. Since one can have painless childbirth, one must avail of it.”

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